Ice Ice Baby! Wie eine Eis Anwendung Deine wahre Schönheit hervorzaubern wird

Ice Ice Baby! How an ice application will bring out your true beauty

The time has come, the first snowflakes fall from the sky and cover everything in a pure, glittering white.

We loved building snowmen and having snowball fights as children. And who hasn't had to endure it - a proper beating, where the snowball is involuntarily rubbed in your face - mostly by an older and bigger ruffian or sibling!


But be careful! What we used to hate as children and still gives us goosebumps today can definitely bring us many advantages as adults.

How an ordinary ice cube from the freezer can be a reliable savior for a wide variety of skin problems all year round

Helps the skin glow

Who of us would not like to have radiant skin with that certain “glow”?

An ice facial can work wonders here. The targeted cold treatment improves the blood circulation in the facial skin and your skin shines with an unexpected shine!

How come? Very easy! The cold constricts the blood vessels in the face, which automatically causes blood flow to slow down. Your body reacts promptly and supplies this area with even more blood by allowing even more blood to flow to your face. This results in the face looking fresh and radiant, like after a long walk in the woods.

For your wintry freshness kick - massage your face and neck for 3 minutes in gentle, circular movements with an ice cube.

Get rid of dark swollen eyelids

Swollen eyelids are a real beauty nightmare. There are many reasons that lead to those “puffy eyes” and getting rid of them is next to impossible.

But no worry! An ice treatment makes swollen eyes look fresh and awake again in no time. To do this, massage the eye area for a maximum of 2 minutes. Start from the inside of the eye and move the ice cube outwards towards the eyebrows in circular movements.

TIP: Use green tea ice cubes for this. Brew a strong green tea and freeze it into ice cubes. Green tea also has a lightening effect and also supplies the sensitive skin around the eyes with antioxidants.

Because the skin around the eyes is particularly thin and sensitive, it may be advisable not to place the ice cubes directly on the skin. If necessary, wrap them in a soft, not too thick cloth.

Smoothens the pores

The pores on your face constantly release natural oils and sweat. This natural process serves to regulate temperature and protect the skin. Apart from hereditary predisposition, the size of the pores also depends to a large extent on diet, lifestyle and hygiene. Large pores make a face look coarse and uneven. In addition, light dirt can be deposited in it, which can also lead to impurities.

A regular ice facial reduces the pores over time, which on the one hand leads to an even and smoother complexion and at the same time keeps the dirt out of the pores and thus the pimples out of the face.

To do this, rub an ice cube over your cleansed face with gentle pressure for 3 minutes.

Reduces wrinkles

ok ok Everyone knows now that you can't stop the wheel of time - but you can definitely slow it down!

An ice facial not only reduces and smoothes existing wrinkles, regular rubbing with the ice even prevents the formation of new wrinkles. The cold treatment improves blood circulation in the skin, which stimulates natural collagen production. In addition, the skin is supplied with moisture. Your skin will soon look plumper and firmer.

Massage the face in circular movements for 1-3 minutes mornings and evenings after thorough cleansing. The ice cube can also be wrapped in a soft cloth.

Counteracts oily skin and pimples

Greasy, oily skin is annoying. This feeling of constantly having to dab yourself or wanting to put blotting paper on it to absorb it can be distressing. In addition, the fat clogs the pores and offers bacteria a wonderfully cozy breeding ground from which unsightly pimples all too often sprout.

An ice-cold rub will help reduce excess sebum production. The cold treatment also shrinks the sebum-producing pores. This counteracts the development of pimples and acne. Existing pimples also heal faster. To do this, dab it off carefully with an ice cube after a mild facial cleansing. The cold acts against the inflammation and the pimples heal faster.


It is important to produce the ice cubes cleanly! The ice cube tray should be well cleaned and disinfected, and the water, tea and other additives should always be fresh.

Every skin reacts differently to cold, so it is very important to develop a feeling for your own tolerance, especially at the beginning of the cold treatment. The ice cube should never be left on for too long. If you have cold pain, you must interrupt the treatment and shorten the treatment time next time or wrap the ice cube in a cloth.

In order to achieve the desired results, it is above all important that you carry out this treatment regularly. It has to become a habit. You'll be amazed what a beauty a snowball can conjure up on your face!

Have fun freezing and a beautiful, magical Advent season.

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